Monthly Archives: January 2015

Great turnout!

Thanks again to everyone who made it to The Pilot in November. Too bad the “Flight Deck” upstairs was closed… it would have been nice to huddle in the heated patio area instead of sitting in the noisy downstairs area. Thankfully the close quarters around the table were conducive to getting people talking, however, so that was a good thing. I hope everyone enjoyed themselves.

A few notes to recap the night:

1. Anyone interested in going from “R User” to “R Programmer” should check out Hadley Wickham’s “Advanced R” website and consider picking up a copy of the book (which is basically the website coerced into book form).

2. A few people weren’t aware of the following free and very helpful online resources for statistical information and expertise: Cross Validated and R-bloggers. If you haven’t checked out these sites, definitely do that… and depending on your level of interest, you may want to sign up for the R-bloggers daily email broadcast.

Ok that’s it for now!

Cheers and see you in January.